"Whiteout" - The title refers to a weather phenomenon where visibility and contrast is being reduced and the horizon obscured and becoming blurred so one looses the sense of orientation.

The three pin boards have broken Royal Copenhagen "Seagull" porcelain, entitled "More Then a Few". Here the shard of porcelain creates formations, taken from map of migration routes and refugee flows. To break the seagull porcelain - the incarnation of Danishness – should not only be seen as a destructive act, but also a radical change of its form. By transforming the well known, everyday items, such as cups and teapots etc., I examine the nature of the material itself, but also the small figures and personalities which arise and are formed in each piece of porcelain, which is subsequently carefully mounted on the boards and rotated at angles so that these formations and movement occurs.

The three glass objects contain powdered porcelain, where a small plant grows. The pulverized material becomes a testimony of decay and whats left behind – the place where everything ends up in the same form. The small plant insists on reminding us not to maintain chaos, though chaos never quite disappears.